Exercises for Managing Carpal Tunnel SyndromeExercises for Managing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Stretching exercises also helps in treating or preventing re-occurrence the syndrome as exercising helps in maintaining blood flow normal in the nerves.

Here are some exercises you may find helpful. (Always check with your own healthcare provider before beginning any new exercise or exercise program.)

Grasp Exercise For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Make a firm fist. Hold for a count of three, then open hand to relax.

Finger Spread Exercise For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Rest hands on table, palms down. Spread fingers wide apart, then bring together.

Long and Short Flexors Exercise For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
With straight wrist, place one hand, palm up on table. Cover all fingers but one with other hand (start with index finger). Isolate each finger by holding the others in place and bend each one toward the palm of your hand 3 to 5 times. Since movement of the little finger is difficult to isolate, hold only the index and middle fingers in place at this point.

Praying Position Exercise For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (glides tendons through the carpal tunnel) Start with palms and fingers facing each other but not touching. Keep the knuckle joints of the fingers straight - bend the middle and end joints of the fingers until the pads of fingers touch pads of hand (at base of fingers). Then bend at knuckle joints and curl fingers under even more, making a fist. Then straighten the middle and end joints of the fingers out, extending fingers out like a flat table from knuckle joints. Straighten knuckle joints. Wiggle fingers out.


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